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fanchar100's Journal

Fan Character 100 Challenge
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Fan Character 100 Challenge

Welcome to Fanchar100 - The Fan Character 100 Challenge! This is the place to take on an fanart or fanfic challenge of your fan character. All series are welcome. No waiting list here, because this community is all about YOUR characters. Give us a post to add to our master list, so we know you, your character, and the fandom your character comes from! Keep on reading for rules!

How to Join:

First, you need to make your claim. You can do that by going HERE and just posting a couple important things about your character.

Once your claim is accepted, we add it to the Master List.

Also after your claim is accepted, feel free to post in the community journal! Make sure in your first post, you introduce your character to the other members. So to do that, I whipped up a few things that you might find helpful! This could be handy for writers and artists. Feel free to submit a picture as well. The more we know about your character, the more fun everyone will have.
Relationships (with others in the series):

And NOW comes the hard part. We want to give people a lot of options here, so there will be several different sets of challenges to choose from. Check them out HERE.

Once you choose a set (and PLEASE enter your challenge set with your introduction), you can begin to post! You can do all art, all writing, or a combination! When you post, use the following to let us know what you're doing.

Challenge Set:
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R
Word Count: (for writing only)
Pairings: (if any)
Other Notes:

When you're all done, post your finished set HERE, and you shall receive a loverly banner and lots of praise for a job well done.


*No Flaming. Absoluely no flaming will be tolerated. This is a place to post art and writing that people put a lot of time into. No one deserves to have their work flamed. Consider this the only warning.

*Nothing above Rated R. No NC-17 stuff. We don't need to see it. So that means no graphic sex, and no graphic nudity. This is the only warning.

*The character you use MUST be yours. It can not be a character already in a series (though they can be present in your works), and MOST importantly, you can not take someone else's fan character.

*Some writers have their characters present in more than one fandom. Crossovers are allowed, as will be explained in the FAQ, but try to keep it limited. Too many fandoms in one work can hurt a person's brain.

*You can use old works or new...from poetry to chapter stories, and sketches to colored works. Anything you wish.

*Make sure you let us know what challenge number you're doing with each work, and mark it on your table.


*Are there deadlines? No. PLEASE don't rush yourself. Put time and dedication into each work. We want to see your best.

*Are AU/Crossovers allowed? Yes, they are. Make sure though when you post a crossover that you mark in the fandom what series you are using. And again, try to limit the number of series you are using.

*Is slash/shonen ai/shoujo ai allowed? Yes again. Het and slash is allowed with your original characters, or series characters. Just make sure to give a proper warning. Some people aren't fans of slash, or romance in general. And again, nothing graphic. Keep it to Rated R or under.

*Can I do a group claim (work with someone else)? No. This is for single original characters. With permission you can use a friend's characters in some of your works, but overall, this project is to focus one one character at a time.

*Fake Cuts? Sure.

*More questions? If we haven't answered something, drop one of the moderators (listed below) a line.


kayceeronin and aubby are your mods.

Contact Kaycee at TripleH_Girl@yahoo.com
Contact Aubby at chibijaime@yahoo.com

Other Notes and News:

*We're still currently in need of a little help getting this place up and running smoothly. Right now, we really need some help figuring out how to provide our new members with htmls of the challenge tables. Great thanks and a virtual hug to anyone who can help us out!

*We're looking for affiliates as well. If any communities are interested, drop kayceeronin a line!

Remember, this is just for fun, and we want everyone to have a good time! If you need help or have a comment, don't hesitate to talk to one of the mods. We're glad to help.