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03:33am 16/04/2008

I'm kind of new to this community, but I've been working on the fanchar100 challenge, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in randomly picking a number for me to write, or even visiting my little F100 list. It's over at 

I write Transformers fanfiction (at least for my Fanchar100) and the claims thread is here:  http://community.livejournal.com/ls_100fics/#ls_100fics471


I'll be watching to see what else is going on around here. I didn't know this community was here till just now. LOL.

Well, talk to you all later!


New fic! 
10:08pm 29/03/2007
  Title: News
Challenge Set: 2
Challenge: 38, change
Rating: PG
Word Count: 180
Pairings: N/A
Summary: Things change for the Decepticons.
09:47pm 18/05/2006
mood: creative
ok I joined up a while ago but I haven't really had much time to actually introduce the character I'll be using...so I'll try doing so now:

KagiCollapse )
01:34am 22/04/2006
  Hi everyone. It's been a loooong while since I've tried to update stuff here, especially for the master list table. Here's a link to what I have at the moment:


If anyone would like their link directed elsewhere, or would like to be called by a different name, please just let me know and I'll fix it right away. Also, if I've skipped anyone, PLEASE let me know and I apologize in advance! The list itself is pretty cheesy looking I know, but with my limited html knowledge, this is all I'm able to do at the moment. ^^;

Have a good weekend! <3
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Yay! New fic! 
01:42am 24/03/2006
mood: accomplished
Title: Payment
Challenge Set: 2
Challenge: 76, free choice
Rating: PG-13 (for innuendos and references to interfacing)
Word Count: 613
Pairings: N/A
Summary: Wingblade gets hit on while at school, and doesn't take it well.
Whee! First challenge fic! 
10:47pm 29/01/2006
mood: excited
Title: Snow Day
Challenge Set: 2
Challenge: 5, snow
Rating: PG
Word Count: 352
Pairings: N/A
Summary: Skywarp takes Wingblade out for a play day.
Other Notes: Skywarp belongs to HasTak. Also, note that Wingblade is only a week or two old.
Fanchar Bio! 
05:50pm 26/01/2006
mood: excited
And I'd like challenge #2, please. ^_^

Name: Wingblade
Age: Currently about 2 months or so, but ages will vary during the fics.
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Standard Decepticon Red
Height: Slightly shorter than Standard Seeker
Weight: Slightly less than Standard Seeker
Gender: Female
Species: Cybertronian
Sub-species: War machine
Faction: Decepticon
Demeanor: Wingblade is very lively and energetic. She is also quite an accomplished prankster, trained by none other than her "daddy" Skywarp. A talented fighter for her age and experience level, Wingblade's favorite weapons are any sort of blade, especially the ones that adorn her wings. While she is a loyal Decepticon, her ultimate loyalty is her her family, and any percieved threat to her family and the ties there is quickly dealt with.
Description: She is a slightly smaller model of a basic Seeker, occassionaly refered to as a Seekerling. Her coloring is primarily light blue/light purple. She has two machete-type blades, one as the leading edge of each wing. They can be removed in robot mode to be used as weapons, or used in jet mode to slice through things as she flies. ((Here is lineart of her as done by aubby! ^_^ My icon of her is from the pre-inked form of this picture.))
Fandom: Transformers: G1
Relationships (with others in the series): She is the daughter of Skywarp and Thundercracker.
09:50pm 18/01/2006
mood: woo!
K, first set--- I know, kind of early since I only got approved yesterday, but inspiration's been running high on my end. ...Sorry? :D

Title: Study
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #4: Captive
Rating: PG-13 for implications
Word Count: 266
Pairings: A-01/Jetstorm
Summary: With just his optics, he held her in place.
Other Notes: Set right before the Minicon flight from Cybertron: A-01 is ~2.25 million years old.

With all the experiments done on her recently, it was a wonder she could move at all....Collapse )

Title: Dark
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #12: Fear
Rating: PG
Word Count: 230
Pairings: Jetstorm/A-01 mention, Wheeljack/Slinger
Summary: More than anything else, she feared being alone in the dark again.
Other Notes: Approx. 10 years post-Armada; Slinger is ~3 million years old.

...it wasn't so much being alone...Collapse )

Title: Never Noticing
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #26: Envy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 228
Pairings: Blurr/Sideswipe, mentions of Hoist/Scavenger and Layshaft/Shatter
Summary: She wanted what they had.
Other Notes: 9 years post-Armada; Slinger is ~3 million years old.

...he was always gone before she could see...Collapse )

Title: No Help No Luck
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #28: Mischief
Rating: PG
Word Count: 502
Pairings: Mentions of Wheeljack/Slinger
Summary: Things don’t always go according to plan.
Other Notes: Towards the end of Energon, timewise-- Slinger is slightly more than 3 million years old.

...and if he'd have died, Slinger figured he'd have done it with a clatter....Collapse )

Title: Forgive
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #55: Worth
Rating: PG
Word Count: 319
Pairings: A-01/Jetstorm
Summary: When he held her, everything was perfect.
Other Notes: Set pre-Minicon flight from Cybertron; Slinger is ~2 million years old.

...neither was flawed, neither was broken...Collapse )

Title: Watching
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #72: Dawn
Rating: PG-13 for implications
Word Count: 179
Pairings: Slinger/Wheeljack
Summary: She’d never seen the sunrise before she started hanging out with him.
Other Notes: 9 years post-Armada: Slinger is ~3 million years old.

...she would never think of Earth as pretty, she liked Cybertron too much for that...Collapse )

Title: Guns
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #60: Cleaning
Rating: PG-13 for implications
Word Count: 422
Pairings: Slinger/Wheeljack
Summary: Sometimes he got so dirty.
Other Notes: Slinger is ~3 million years old.

...she didn't seem to mind...Collapse )

Title: Target Practice
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #53; Frustration.
Rating: PG-13; implications
Word Count: 236
Pairings: Slinger/Wheeljack, mention Blurr/Sideswipe
Summary: His idea of teach and hers weren’t exactly the same.
Other Notes: Set 6 years post-Armada; Slinger is ~3 million years old.

...'Who said anything about target practice?'Collapse )

Title: Fire
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #38: New
Rating: PG-13; implications
Word Count: 238
Pairings: Slinger/Wheeljack
Summary: Sometimes she didn’t understand him at all.
Other Notes: set 7 years post-Armada; Slinger is ~3 million years old.

...it had been a small fire...Collapse )

Title: Feeling
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #18: Found
Rating: PG
Word Count: 285
Pairings: A-01/Jetstorm mention
Summary: He’d hoped to find her cracked but not broken.
Other Notes: Set just after the Minicon flight from Cybertron; Slinger is ~2 million years old.

...she had become a person, slowly and unwillingly...like a deadline...Collapse )

Title: Not Ready
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #85: Temptation
Rating: PG-13 for implications
Word Count: 170
Pairings: Wheeljack/Slinger
Summary: He was everything she wanted and could never have.
Other Notes: 6 years after the end of Armada. Slinger is ~3 mil. years old.

...it was as much for his own sake as for hers...Collapse )

Title: Fix
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #88: Words
Rating: PG-13 for drug use
Word Count: 719
Pairings: A-01/Jetstorm
Summary: She needed someone to fix her, not break her even more.
Other Notes: Slinger is slightly less than 2 million years old-- pre-Minicon flight from Cybertron.

...Jetstorm couldn't even fix himself.Collapse )

Title: Both
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: #96, Author’s Choice
Rating: PG
Word Count: 252
Pairings: Wheeljack/Slinger, A-01/Jetstorm
Summary: They were nothing like each other, but she loved them both.
Other Notes: Set 7 million years post Energon; Slinger is ~10 million years old.

...she was sure they would have hated each other...Collapse )

...whew, finally... *sigh*
Slinger: profile. 
09:10pm 18/01/2006
mood: weee, inspiration!
*clears throat* A-hem, hem, hem.... Uh.... yeah. I'm greatfountain, I'll be posting soon-- I'm working on challenge 3. Cause life's more fun that way--- I don't know, either. XD Also, I'll be posting this on fanfiction.net, too--- I'm 'Brain Damage 101', and the fic itself will (tentatively) be called 'Broken Peices'.

Anyway, without further ado....

She's a Plymouth Prowler. And a former Omnicon. Who can tell what she'll do?Collapse )
12:54am 30/12/2005
  Electronic Ardenaline Gun-Fu JunkieCollapse )  
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07:36pm 28/12/2005
  Name: Melissa Coen-Wesker
Age: 30
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 157 1/2 lbs.
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Demeanor: Shy and quiet, but damn good with a gun
Description: Billy Coen's younger sister has been known to make a few mistakes in her life; the biggest, according to her, was marrying Albert Wesker upon her graduation fom high school in 1993. After divorcing him in 1997, she went to Raccoon City about the time of the second game and met her current boyfriend Leon Kennedy, and best friend Claire Redfield.
Fandom: Resident Evil (the games)
Relationships (with others in the series): Billy Coen (older brother), Albert Wesker(ex-husband), Leon Kennedy(current love interest), Rebecca Chambers, Claire and Chris Redfield(friends), Ada Wong(enemy)
One down... 
03:52pm 09/12/2005
mood: jubilant
I just posted the first challenge on my journal!

First Pair 
11:18pm 04/12/2005
mood: accomplished

well i've already got two of my fics done so here are the links if anyone wants to read them...

Title: Rest for the Weary
Challenge Set: #3
Challenge: Sleep
Rating: PG
Word count: 587
Pairings: Pura / Blue Wing
Summary: Pura helps Wing get some much-needed recharge

Rest for the Weary


Title: Walking Alone
Challenge Set: #3
Challenge: Insomnia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 665
Pairings: hinted Pura/BlueWing
Summary: Its not always easy being a leader.

Walking Alone

Kyo kaworu bio! 
06:28pm 02/12/2005
  Kyo Kaworu Bio!Collapse )  
Fanchar100 - Yagi - Set 3. 
06:13pm 02/12/2005
mood: accomplished
WEWT! I'm keeping all of these written down in a notebook for when I complete the challenge. XB;;

Title: Just a wink?
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: Sleep.
Rating: G
Word Count: 138
Pairings: None
Summary: Yagi just wants some shut-eye.
Other Notes: None

SNOOORE.Collapse )

Title: It's his fault anyway.
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: Insomnia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 94
Pairings: Miroku/Yagi
Summary: She was sure she wouldn't be up if it wasn't for him.
Other Notes: None. :O

That grin while he slept..Collapse )

Title: Nodding off.
Challenge Set: 3
Challenge: Insomnia
Rating: PG
Word Count: 87
Pairings: None~
Summary: So, this is why Papa drinks coffee every morning..
Other Notes: A/U, set in a modern-day school. :O I was running out of ideas for this sleep-thing you guys have going on. XD

Sugar.. caffeine.. something!Collapse )

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05:40pm 01/12/2005
  Heya, all! :D This is the icon I'll be using when I post the entries for fanchara100 :3 To note: for this challenge, I'll be writing a few different 'versions' of this character (varying points in the 'timeline' of her life) -- on Cybertron, and on Earth.

...and, also... I might write a few stories of a human-version of Caprice. LONG story, you'll see snippits/teasers of that here... but I'm NOT going into detail. It's a SE-CRET ^__~ *grins*

She'll also interact with a bunch of other OCs -- mostly mine, but some that belong to others as well. ^.^;

Anyway... the info!

Name: Caprice

Age: around 9 million or so ... whatever 'young/middle aged' [late 20s, early 30s] would be for a Transformer. ^_^; She was created before the start of the Great War... I'll put it that way. x.x

Hair: n/a / blonde

Eyes: blue

Height: 21 feet / 5'4"

Weight: 1 ton (or whatever a 21-foot robot would weigh @_x;) / 133 lbs

Gender: female

Species: Transformer / human

Demeanor: Caprice is generally kind, friendly and caring to her friends and her patients. That doesn't, however, mean she is a pushover. She is more than ready to put a 'bot in their place, verbally, should her temper rise. Her patience is thin, especially with stubborn and idiotic mechs. She possesses a sharp, sometimes cutting wit. It's really one of the only ways she can keep a semblance of control in her medical unit, as she isn't the strongest, nor tallest of 'bots. Caprice has a sort of "mother hen" demeanor, always wishing the best for those she cares about, but can be stern and sharp when 'bots start acting up.

Description: I'll link to a few images of her... some minor parts (eg: crest of helm) are still under fine tuning/development, but for the most part, her design is complete.
Caprice, robot mode
Caprice, alternate mode
Caprice, older sketch

Fandom: Transformers

Relationships (with others in the series): OCs you'll get to know in the fics... X3 Some members of the Wreckers crew [canonically, notably Springer and Sandstorm]. Various Ark Autobots, notably her fellow medical staff Ratchet, Wheeljack, and First Aid.
10:22pm 01/12/2005
mood: creative

Name: Pura

Age:  Around 8 - 9 million years old. In human terms she'd be about 26. Her age will change depending on the timeline of the fic.

Hair: N/A

Eyes: turquoise blue

Height: around 35 feet

Weight: 1 ton

Gender: Femme (Female)

Species: Autobot

Demeanor:  Pura is a reluctant fighter. She doesnt like the idea of fighting and killing, but at the same time, wont hestitate to do either, should her safety or those of whom she loves be threatened.
She has a good deal of patience and tolerance, and is quite sensible and calm for the most part. She is also highly intelligent, having been programmed with research and analytical skills, and is a crafty hacker. She also tends to be quiet around those she's unfamiliar with, but enjoys the company of those close to her. At her happiest when with her bondmate, though her leadership role has made her the more slightly dominant one in their relationship. Compassionate and merciful to those who are genuinely repentive, and always believes in giving someone a second chance. Words can hurt her alot more than a physical blow and sometimes she needs to look to her bondmate for reassurance and comfort. Also not afraid to cry. Sometimes her emotions can put her in danger, especially when she loses confidence in herself.

Description: Pura was virtually forced to "grow up in a hurry" when her brother left to join the Autobot military and her creator Pursuit was killed by a group of Decepticon marauders. After many ups and downs she along with a few other outcast mechs formed an underground Autobot Rebel group called Freedom, and she was unofficially named their commander - a role she took on rather reluctantly. After fighting together for many years she grew close to and fell in love with her second-in-command and fellow teammate Blue Wing, and eventually spark-bonded with him. When Freedom disbanded later, she, Wing and a couple of other teammates fled to one of the abandoned cities to escape the fighting. Later came to Earth and was reunited with her brother at the Ark. No longer a main part of the war, Pura and Blue Wing felt it safe enough to create a sparkling of their own who they named Marine.

Pura's Earth altmode is that of a Mitsubishi Spyder sports car in dark purple (almost black) and white - small and compact. She would have liked to convert to a flying altmode like her bondmate, but is unable to because of the inability of her spark to energize something that big and/or complicated. She has doorwings and a red chevron like her brother. As a femme, she is much smaller than her male counterparts, and since she was built for data-gathering and intelligence, she is also considerably weaker than those bots built for combat. She is, however, considerably fast and agile, and is also a decent sniper. She carries a small rifle with her at all times - just in case.

Fandom: Transformers (G1)

Relationships (with others in the series): Pursuit (fanchara/creator(mother)), Prowl (canon/older brother), Blue Wing (fanchara/bondmate - used with permission from Zero), Marine (fanchara/creation (son)), other canon Ark Autobots (especially close to Jazz, the Twins and Ratchet) used as needed.

09:28pm 01/12/2005
mood: creative
Name: Flattop

Age: ~2 million years (when the twins are created; I will write him at different ages)

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Dark blue

Height: 46 feet

Weight: 3.1 tons

Gender: Male

Species: Cybertronian/Autobot

Demeanor: When faced with a situation he doesn't like, rather than bend under it, he will blow it aside with some smart comment. Witty and playful he is generally a friendly person. He has a fondness for organics that comes from working with them for so long, especially the Kikri on Rashim III. However, as soon once someone he cares about is threatened, he stops playing and gets down to business. Very efficient at his job (military Intelligence) he can be a hard person to figure out, often ellusive and misleading to both friend and foe. Due to being raised by an unpleasant perfectionist, he also holds himself and others to very high standards. He is not easily intimidated, but his respect, that borders on fear, for his creator ensures he never disobeys him.

Description: Flattop is the first creation (son) of the engineer Triggerpinch. Brought up to be a military bot, he was always urged to be perfect at everything he did. As such, he holds a resentment toward Pinch who did not show much affection, if any, toward him. As he got older, this resentment turned into rebellion and eventually a sort of constant competition between the two mechs. Flattop will do nearly anything he can to push his creator's buttons through smart remarks, and Pinch constantly tries to put his rebellious child back in his place. With the creation of his younger sister, he tried to protect her not only from the harsh outside world, but of their harsh creator as well. Flattop is very protective of her, a trait she finds both comforting and stifling. He refuses to feel anything real for his youngest twin brothers, as he feels they are too dangerous and unpredictable. He also develops a resentment for them as they grow older for various reasons.

Flattop works in Intelligence in the Autobot army, mostly near the planet of Rishim III in a recon outpost. There he learns to appreciate the native species and gains some affection for them, chosing to take on a few of their terms. He often uses these terms to further annoy his creator. Eventually he was transferred to a teaching position at the War Academy due to his creator's meddling. Even though he dislikes the job, he is an effective teacher and gains much respect for it. Being forced to do this increases his resentment and rebellion toward Pinch, however he still remained loyal to his family. His alternate form while on Cybertron is that of a Kikri fighter plane which is a sleek jet capable of high speeds and limited stealth ability. On Earth his alt. mode is a SR-71 Blackbird jet. He is colored red and blue with a sleek robotic design. His internal design is a more simplistic kind than his other siblings, and therefore tends to have more problems. His main weapon is a medium-sized rifle, though he is capable with most melee weapons and good with smaller guns.

Fandom: Transformers (G1)

Relationships (with others in the series): Triggerpinch (fanchar/creator(father)), Triage (fanchar/younger sister), Sideswipe (canon/younger brother), Sunstreaker (canon/younger brother). Other characters (fan and canon) used as needed.
05:44am 01/12/2005
  Name: Kashura Yagi

Age: 16

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 5"

Weight: 105 lbs

Gender: Female

Species: Goat Hanyou

Demeanor: Shy, Polite, a bit clumsy, and almost always happy.

Description: Picture of her, 'cause I'm too lazy to write it all out. XD

Fandom: Inu Yasha

Relationships (with others in the series): Kagome, Shippou (Friends), Inuyasha (rivals..? Not really, they just don't like eachother.), Sesshoumaru (Father's ally), Miroku (attraction), Sango (allies), Naraku & co. (enemies) .. and, etc, etc.

Other: Yagi comes from a long line of regal goat taiyoukai of the north, but she hardy acts like it. Her father was killed when she was young in an attempt to claim a jewel shard from his home, which ended up not even being there. She herself was left alive and given a curse as punishment; she's physically bonded to it, meaning, that if the staff is damaged, so is she. Yagi was moved to a farm by Sesshoumaru, who was an ally of her fallen father, and never saw the man again. She lived on the farm until Kagome discovered a jewel shard on it, and Yagi accidentally ate the thing. The Inu-Gumi took her off with them for the time being until they could get the shard out, much to both Yagi and Inuyasha's dismay. The end?

Can't wait to start writing!